Like Advice From Your Girlfriends…

A Friendly New Guide for Women with Diabetes

 “No matter what stage of life you are in, if you are a woman with diabetes, this book will help you navigate each stage with sound, practical advice from your peers with diabetes. If you are like me and you spent many years dreaming of having a friend with diabetes to talk to or relate to, this book will be your ‘ultimate girlfriend with diabetes.’ A friend to provide great guidance and advice throughout every stage of life.”

—From the Foreword by Brandy Barnes, Founder/CEO, DiabetesSisters

In America today, 12.6 million women over the age of 20 live with diabetes. For these millions of women, dealing with the disease can be an isolating experience, characterized by anger and fear of one’s own body.

Amy Stockwell Mercer has put together an inspiring, much-needed guide for women who have been diagnosed with diabetes. She’s gathered together personal anecdotes from nearly one hundred women who share their experiences of living with the disease, as well as tips, advice, and comforting insight. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and educators also provide solid counsel on how to manage the disease.

Special Features of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes include:

  • Personal anecdotes on a wide variety of topics are in every chapter
  • Authentic advice from women living with diabetes
  • Expert tips from female endocrinologists, educators, and nutritionists who are also living with diabetes
  • Examines all the challenges and issues women with diabetes face
  • Research and statistics are provided for each topic

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes offers hope and gives a voice to women who are living with the daily challenges of a chronic illness.

CREDENTIALS: Amy Stockwell Mercer is a freelance writer in Charleston, SC. She has lived with type 1 Diabetes for 25 years. Availability: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone. CONTACT: Thomas Hastings 800-532-8663 / 212-683-0072 (NY); tom@demoshealth.com Media Copies Available upon request.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes, is available in quality trade paperback for a list price of $18.95. It is published by Demos Health, distributed by Publishers Group West and is also available through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and all major bookstores and outlets.