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This is the first in a series of profiles of women who have shared their stories in A Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes:
Linda Frick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (then called juvenile diabetes) in 1961 at the age of 8.
What do you feel has been your biggest challenge living with diabetes as a woman? I’ve had 2 big challenges in my life as a diabetic woman. The first was as a young adult wanting to have a successful pregnancy and starting a family. Because diabetes treatment was much less fine tuned back in the 70’s (urine testing only at home which was highly inaccurate) it was quite a feat to be able to have children. With lots of determination I was able to meet this challenge twice in my life. Currently, as a middle aged diabetic, my greatest challenge is generating enthusiasm and willpower to excercise on a daily basis. As my body has changed, so has my energy level to keep myself active. I continue to work on this, knowing that it will keep me healthy and live as normal a life as possible.
Do you know any other women with diabetes? Unfortunately I have only met one type 1 diabetic in my lifetime and she sadly is no longer with us. I do belong to many diabetic forum sites however and am able to share with those that I meet online.
What has been the greatest piece of advice you’ve received about living with diabetes? The greatest advice I have received is that I can do anything I put my mind to. This condition may require extra care, but it cannot hold me back from doing what I want. My Dr. had shared with me that her brother-in-law was a type 1 diabetic who is a missionary in a small village in Africa. That was all the advice I needed!
Do you live: in spite of or because of diabetes? I think I live in spite of diabetes. To me, diabetes is more like a nuisance that I know won’t go away so I’ve learned through trial and error to live with it and do my best to do whatever it takes to live to see my grandchildren grow up.
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