Ann Rosenquist Fee writes, sings and shoots NovoLog old school (no pump) in Mankato, Minnesota. She was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 1994 at age 25. Her contributions to The Smart Women’s Guide are her first pieces about diabetes. Ann’s fiction and nonfiction appear in The Missouri ReviewFrenzy and Never Have the Same Sex Twice (Cleis Press), The Blueroad Reader (Blueroad Press) and the online journals Desdmona, Eclectica, On the Premises, Prick of the Spindle andShort, Fast and Deadly. She teaches a workshop on erotic writing at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and edits fiction and poetry for New Rivers Press and Blueroad Press. Ann is also a vocalist with the acoustic pop bar band Fish Frye. Online at www.annrosenquistfee.com. 

How old were you when you were diagnosed with diabetes and how long have you lived with diabetes?

I was diagnosed at 25, so I’ve lived with diabetes for 17 years.

Do you know any other women with diabetes?

Not really, nobody my age. I found the Smart Woman’s Guide cover kind of shocking. It looks like it’s targeted exactly toward women my age. Up until this point I guess I thought of diabetics as me plus old people who need support socks.

What has been the greatest piece of advice you’ve received about living with diabetes?

That it’s going to take a toll even if I do everything perfectly.

Do you live: in spite of or because of diabetes?

I live with it like a twin you love and can’t stand and love and can’t stand. I get so mad at it sometimes, but it charted a course for my adult life that I wouldn’t change.