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Kris Carr is a Crazy, Sexy, woman with Cancer. In Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, the story: Kris Carr: Crazy Sexy Entrepreneur: talks about her transformation from regular thirty something to the Next Big Thing!

Carr, “Wellness Warrior” was given the diagnosis in 2003 and rose to prominence with a 2007 documentary called “Crazy Sexy Cancer.” She subsequently wrote two successful books— “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” and “Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor” — about her peppy, pop-spiritual approach to her disease, and she soon became what she sometimes describes as a “cancerlebrity” or, at other times, a “cancer cowgirl.”

Okay, so I’m thrilled for Carr’s rise to celebrity and her determination to change the way we think about illness, but what about diabetes? I want A Smart Woman’s Guide to do the same thing for women with diabetes. I want to lead women across the country-type 1 and type 2- in a diabetes make-over. I want women to feel pride instead of shame when we tell people we have diabetes, because we are proud of how well we live with diabetes.