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Riva Greenberg has reviewed my book on A Sweet Life. As another writer and a smart woman living with diabetes, she writes with great insight. Check it out…..

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Review of Amy Stockwell Mercer’s New Book

Last week I was shopping for new running shoes and brought home a pair that markets itself as, “made for a woman’s foot.” How smart, I thought. After all, men and women are built differently and move differently, so it makes sense I’ll be more comfortable and perform better in a shoe made for women. Amy Stockwell Mercer employs the same wisdom in her new book, “The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes.”  Amy’s exhaustive guide covers the issues a woman with diabetes faces, including issues of self-image, body image, identity, and self-esteem through puberty, adolescence, menstruation, dating, dieting, pregnancy, motherhood, work, travel and growing old.