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I asked my editor for a sales update and so far, we’ve sold about 600 books! While that may not seem like much to you, to me it’s huge. I really see this book as the little engine that could…a kind of book that I hope will be passed from hand to hand and will gain steam as it moves along.

Sometimes I still feel like the 14 year old girl, recently diagnosed with diabetes, who thought she was the only one in the world with this disease. So it’s hard for me to imagine there are 600 women out there who’ve bought my book. It’s hard for me to imagine that number getting bigger, but I know it will. I hope so anyway, because the most important part of writing this book was and is connecting with other diabetic women, hearing their stories and knowing that I am not alone.

So thank you to the 600 people out there who’ve bought my book. I hope it help you as much as it’s helped me!