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Important information on diet while pregnant for women with gestational diabetes:

Pregnancy Outcomes Similar With Glycemic Index, Fiber Diets –Doctors Lounge.

Basically, in intensively monitored women with GDM, an Low Glycemic Diet and a conventional High Fiber diet produce similar pregnancy outcomes.

A 2009 study showed that using a low– glycemic index diet for women with GDM effectively halved the number needing to use insulin, with no compromise of obstetric or fetal outcomes.

Basically, that means a thoughtful, mindful approach to eating while pregnant is beneficial for women with gestational. Common sense, but it’s nice to hear the scientific proof!

Of course, that’s easier said then done….when I was pregnant all I wanted to do was be able to drink the chocolate milkshakes and eat the fries like my friends instead of the eggs and balance bars. Looking back though, it was well worth the work.