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The JDCA is unique as an independent analyst of the type 1 diabetes charitable universe. We will report to the donor community our analysis and research on the operations of major charities and research organizations.  We will partner with donors to maximize the opportunity to achieve a cure for type 1 diabetes by 2025. 

Here is a recent interview I did with the JDCA blog, read more at: Writer Amy Mercer

What inspired The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes?

I started thinking about this book when I was fist diagnosed. I am a big reader and whenever I need answers, I go to the bookstore. But when I was diagnosed in 1985, there was very little information about diabetes that applied to me. I continued thinking about this book every time I faced a new challenge such as: moving away to college, training for a marathon (the only info I could find for people with diabetes and exercise was about walking and making sure to talk to your doctor!), traveling abroad, dating, planning a wedding, trying to get pregnant and motherhood. Every time I looked for answers, my hands came up empty. I finally decided it was time to write my own book, got my MFA in Creative Writing and wrote while my babies napped…..