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As Amy Stockwell Mercer so poignantly states on page 61 of her book “The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes,” Lesley Hoffman Goldenberg says she is always hungry.” See below for evidence.

Caption for Breakfast: I drag my tush out of bed to prepare for the gym. First stop: deli flat with light cream cheese. Two deli flats shown here for purpose of picture – only one Deli Flat actually consumed.

Caption for post gym: This is me raiding the fridge after my workout. My stomach and hands always go to the cheese drawer and I consume multiple string cheeses, which never actually fill me up. NOT pictured: garbage-pail sized COFFEE from Dunkin Donuts with skim milk.

Caption for lunch: Lunch at Chopt with my hubby! I love eating at Chopt because the nutritional information found on their website is VERY accurate and my blood sugar is almost always around 100 in the afternoon. Before I leave work for Chopt, I decide what I’m going to order and figure out the carbs so I don’t get stressed out while ordering. Chopt is delicious but very high stress! My favorites? Kebab Cobb, Steakhouse Salad and Sante Fe. Lunch always consumed with DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper.)

Caption 4: NOT Pictured: mid-afternoon Tootsie Pop, 15 g carbs and worth every drop of Insulin.

Caption for cooking dinner: (Not pictured) Staaarving when I get home. I want to be eating peanut butter, chocolate chips and guacamole for my snack, but I settle on baby carrots with chumus (I always bolus for both chumus AND carrots.)

Caption for Dinner: Preparing dinner – homemade minestrone soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. This is me frantically stirring the soup while looking up the nutritional information on www.calorieking.com so I know how much to bolus once we sit down to eat.

Caption for Dinner Dessert: (Not pictured) Lime Fruit Pop – 20 g carbs and 80 calories. Can’t beat that!

Caption for BS check before bed : Before bed blood sugar check gives result of 74 so glucose tablets it is! (I’m secretly happy because I was kind of hungry.) I LOVE Tropical Punch glucose tablets!

Heading to sleep, and ready to do the same thing tomorrow!