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In my first pregnancy I ate a lot of Jersey Mike’s Italian subs. My second pregnancy was all about dairy and with my last pregnancy, I ate a lot of peanut butter. It was not the healthiest diet, but I was trying to manage blood sugars with more protein, less carbs and great taste. So peanut butter, deli meats and cheese fit the bill. Looking back at my 3 son’s eating habits, it’s kind of interesting to note that Will loves sub sandwiches, Miles is a vegetarian who eats a lot of fruit and cheese, and Reid eats peanut butter from the spoon on a daily basis. What if I’d been able to spend my pregnancies eating spinach, sweet potatoes, and blueberries? Maybe I’d be able to get my kids to eat veggies other then broccoli or carrots smothered in ranch….maybe they would pop those superfoods into their little mouths with a smile on their face instead of a grimace? It’s too late for me but according to the latest research, there is hope for creating healthy eaters for you pregnant ladies out there….

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A mother’s food choice can shape baby’s palate, research shows.

What if a mother could pre­dispose her child to like broccoli or Brussels sprouts — or at least to not make a face and spit it out — by what she ate during pregnancy?

Some health-care practitioners are suggesting that if mothers include a wide range of foods in their diet during pregnancy, they can shape their children’s food preferences. Those choices, researchers say, have the potential to reduce the risks of diabetes and obesity. (…)

She said researchers have also found that flavor learning prepares babies for the foods of their culture. If that culture features fast foods and large amounts of sweets, however, children will be at higher risk of developing diabetes and obesity.