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Smart Women Riva Greenberg and Brandy Barnes talk about Brandy’s work with Diabetes Sisters and her efforts to connect women with diabetes across the country. I feel lucky that we have these two women on the diabetes team. Check out the interview here:

Brandy Barnes’ Community Of Women With Diabetes

Here’s a blurb:

Q: Is support the key to Diabetes Sisters?

BB: I think you have to address support before you get to the other pieces we provide, education and advocacy. Being connected to others takes you to a place where you care what your blood sugars are and will do the work. Being around other women who are doing well with their diabetes you think, ah, I want to do that. You also have to feel good about yourself before you want to, or can, take care of yourself. When you feel like you’re in this disease all by yourself you don’t have much motivation to put up with everything you have to do.