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I’m always thrilled to learn of women writing books about diabetes. As I’ve said before, when I was first diagnosed the bookshelves were bare when it came to books about diabetes. All I could find was Diabetes Forecast, the magazine published by the ADA, which did not speak to me as a young woman with diabetes.

The latest addition to our diabetes collection is Dr. Beverly S. Adler’s, My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes. (interview with her to follow…..)

Check out her interview with Riva Greenberg, How 24 Women Live Successfully With Diabetes, on Riva’s Huffington Post blog.

Here’s a glimpse:

Q: Reading the stories of your 23 fellow contributing authors, did you see commonalities among these successful women?

BA: I did, and what amazed me was how many of their stories sounded similar to my own. Depending on the woman’s age of onset, many women experienced the “Why me?” syndrome. They pondered why they were “chosen” to have diabetes. Over time, however, they came to the conclusion, “Why not me?,” and each was able in some way to accept her diagnosis.