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I found this on Diabetes UK, Care, Connect, Campaign:

In Becca’s video – Rebel Rebel – she talks about her diabetes and pre-conception care. Here she gives you here top preconception tips:

  • Don’t stop using contraception until you’re ready to have a baby – plan your pregnancy.
  • Involve your diabetes care team – let them know as soon as you start planning to get pregnant, they will work with you to help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth. They are on your side.
  • Keep your blood glucose to your target levels – try to avoid massive swings, before and after conception.
  • Folic acid – you’ll need to take 5mg every day from when you start trying to conceive until you are 12 weeks pregnant.
  • If you are on Statins or ACE inhibitors, you’ll need to stop taking them as they could damage the baby if you are on them when you conceive. Check with your healthcare team if there are any other medications you need to stop.