Frequently Asked Questions

Rebecca Hope Walter Bryant asks:

Hi Amy. I would love to get other women’ s feedback on how they manage their wardrobe with an insulin pump. I struggle to find dresses to fit and disguise my pump my pump, but still access my pump to give myself insulin when needed. Would love to get your suggestions or tricks.

Answers? Advice?

3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I have worn my pump with dresses 2 ways.
    1) under my spanx in my thigh area ( i hav ample inner thighs that the pump sinks right in to). Then i go to the bathroom and bolus OR take a syringe shot to my stomach for bolus. With my new Animas ping pump i can remote bolus from my bloodmeter BUT the blood meter is too big to fit in my clutch.

    2) i run the pump tubing up thru my dress and brought pump out of my arm hole and into my clutch. Downside to this is that you cant put ur clutch down- but it was a nice alternative to having pump embedded in my thigh.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you use another way.

  2. Hi, I have had Type 1 or 36 years and prefer to wear dresses to work. I use spanx, as well as tucking the pump where the underwires of my bra come together in the front. Of course, I have war stories of how the pump has gone off during meetings/presentations, and I have actually reached down into my bra to pull it out and silence it–but all in all, this seems to be the most convenient way to store the pump. I recommend covering it in a baby sock, especially during summer months, to control odors and slippage. You should also remove the clip before placing it there to keep it as streamlined as possible.

    Hope this helps, Kathy

  3. I wear my pump inside the side of my bra!

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